Phone Background Art – Free Download

Phone Background Art – Free Download

It’s a new year!

Out with the old, in with the new cellphone wallpapers. People will probably still be staring at their phones for a few more years so I thought I would provide some free downloads of Social Living art to use for your phone background. A few empowering designs, a few abstract collages, carefully curated for you.

Just the right visuals to start your circle of time again.

Click on the image and download to your phone then set as your background, lock screen, etc. (whatever makes you happy.)

Thinking of the right words to say

We Have The Power

The Distance Between Us #3

Eye Stimulation Test

Never Use The Internet Again

Always Forward – (2 Color variations)

Check the Always Forward T-shirt here: “Always Forward” T-shirt
and the wall art print here too: “Always Forward” – art print -8″x10″
Both are fan favorite classics.

Power to the People

Check the Power to the People T-shirt here: “Power to the People” T-shirt

Want a Vacation

Power to the Planet

Snag the wall art print here: “Power to the Planet” – art print -12″x12″

How to Help A Friend

Snag the wall art print here: “How to Help A Friend” – art print -11″x14″

Where Do I Begin?