How to Digital Collage: Part #1 – Finding source images -*FREE COLLAGE IMAGES DOWNLOAD* – UPDATED 2-6-2022

How to Digital Collage:

Part #1 – Finding source images.


(UPDATED 2-6-2022) 

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Today I am giving out a new and updated pack of free collage source images, over 100s of collage source images taken directly from their original publications, magazines, books, posters, etc. and scanned at high resolution for digital or print use.
These are all pages with images I’ve cut out and scanned myself. And even some that I have used in collages. Like these below!

Collage source image examples

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Digital Collage Tutorials

People have been asking me where to find good images to use in collages and digital collages.

I made this video below about where I get some of my collage material so definitely check that out too.

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Here are some more tips on where to find collage source images and material:

– Check local thrift stores, goodwills, donation stores or consignment shops for magazines and books.

– Summertime yard/rummage sales usually have collections of vintage magazines or posters.

– Ask friends and family for their old unwanted books, newspapers, or magazines. Offer to clean out their garage or shed and keep any materials you find.

– Other artists, art stores, galleries, etc may have left over material they aren’t using. Ask around, and share your art too.

– Search for and keep free pamphlets, brochures, hand-outs from businesses, stores, or organziations. Never know where your next perfect collage image may come from.

– All else fails….Google search.

Want some more tips for digital collage art? check out my youtube channel here: Social Living YouTube Channel

* I do not own the rights to most of the images in the free downloadable pack. I am just linking to a download of the scans. If any owner wants their images removed please contact me.