Social Living – About – Counter-Culture Art & Clothing


Social Living is all about living a Happy & Full life.

(Owner – Darrin Milliner, Photo by:Martell Hardy)

Social Living is a one-person artist-owned brand based in Pittsburgh that provides high-quality, empowering, “counter-culture” style wall art in various forms and artistic clothing with lifestyle goods. Each of the Social Living art pieces is my original design and are printed/produced by me in my studio.

I’ll try to understand and portray mindsets that many of us may have but can’t express or visualize. Taking the opportunity to absorb various cultural/social subjects that spark emotion and action, then bringing them to the forefront of the art, all in an attempt to highlight the importance of the separate worlds that surround each of us.

Social Living can be described as inspiring, empowering, and thought-provoking, as well as humorous and subversive with a little ironic realism.

Believe in yourself,
Who else will?


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