I’m happy & excited to share with you the official announcement of Social.Living.Skate

This is a natural direction for us to move as skateboarding and all things related are a big impact on Social Living’s being, message, & brand,
as well as the counter-culture lifestyle in general.

From Pittsburgh and beyond, Social.Living.Skate is about the unique, creative, and alternative skate culture.

Promoting a different perspective on skateboarding & life.

Expect to see even more skate-related content.

Not just another generic skate brand.
(we’ve been in this game for years)

Join Us. Come Skate 

(photos by Chandler Klein and Ian Allegrucci)

Want to be a part of Social.Living.Skate?
Enjoy some free gear, and big discounts on all merch,
join us on our skate trips, and film some creative tricks for our upcoming video.
Or if you just want some more people to skate with?
Reach out below to connect!

(diverse, creative, & alternative skaters to the “norm”, encouraged to reach out!)
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