“Emergency Poison” Theories of Survival toy


Exclusive Release 1 of 1!

Emergency Poison!

Survival Toy.

This unique art piece features a small bottle of poison creatively displayed alongside a vibrant backing board that cleverly illustrates its purpose. While not a conventional survival tool, it serves as a light-hearted aid for navigating uncomfortable social scenarios or avoiding them completely.

Display this witty creation in any room to add a touch of strange charm to the ambiance. It’s a conversation starter that brings a smile and sparks laughter, perfect for those who appreciate art with a humorous twist.

    • Exclusive 1 of 1 release of a prototype survival toy
    • Brand New Taste
    • Sugar-Free, All Natural Ingredients
    • Only for Emergency Use!
    • Can be used on Presidents, Kings, Queens, and other “representatives”.




The joy of poisoning everyone you know.

The joy of poisoning random strangers.

Recommended by the Global Life Advancement Organization for physical survival


Customer Reviews

 by Jordanfalsio on Social Living

A favorite piece in our home

 by Eric B on Social Living

Love everything about Social Living and the designs!

 by Jessie Tohans on Social Living

 by S.D on Social Living

I really love this piece! My packages arrived the other day. Super stoked. Well packaged and well framed!

 by Pj Witts on Social Living




Social Living is the idea of the inspirational, educational, and empowering aspects of life from an alternative perspective.



This isn’t just logos and brand names, our counter-culture designs emphasize the message, the art, and the emotion.


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Weight .5 lbs

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